Portfolio challenge.

I came across the amazing Kathy Farrel’s blog challenge a couple of days ago. She’s one truly talented lady, and she proposed a portfolio challenge that would help aspiring artists build up a huge amount of illustrations that can be used for applying for certain jobs. She proposed a list of 30 illustrations, a week for each, but as I have other things to do as well I’m only making 10 of them and allow myself two weeks. Yesterday I started with the first one, with coincidently is the first on the list: A scene from a nightmare I’ve had. It’s still just in the early stages of sketching, but I think I’m gonna like this one a lot. I intend to document the entire design process and let you guys see both work in progress and the result. The gothic genre is usually not really my thing, and I figured this would be a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge. If anyone wants to join in just let me know, it would be really fun to work with you and/or get feedback from you.

Underwater. Pencil sketch. WIP.