Illustrations are interesting…

…sometimes you spend hours and hours creating them, making choices about certain things, drawing stuff and then erasing them over and over again, and by the end of the day they look simple. Not in a bad way necessarily, but much more simple than you feel they are while you’re working on them. I guess it in some ways shows the amount of work and the massive thought-process that goes into every illustration, but sometimes it just feels a bit…ridiculous. Creating visual images while thinking about how they’ll feel like is just crazy. It’s almost like my illustrations get three-dimensional while I work on them, and the flattens out on the surface when I finish off for the day. I hope I don’t go mental before this is over.

I’ve spent the entire day working on this illustration for my BA thesis. It’s so frustrating not being able to go and physically see the object I’m working on, but thanks to my beloved friend Google Street view and a couple of fairly good reference photos, things are finally coming together. I’m exhausted now, but pleased about the amount of effort I’ve put into this. Things are finally moving forward again, slowly but steady.

Prästgården. Illustrator.