A lovely lady and blogging frustration.

Another quick update today. I was testing my new scanner today, so I wanted to post the result. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I got a scanner from my dad for my birthday! I couldn’t be happier! I still have to look into all the features, but I’m so happy and grateful. No more bad pics taken with my phone camera.

The apartment is finally coming together now, and I start to find the peace of mind I need to draw. I’ve really neglected my blog, and haven’t got the time to read all of my favorite bloggers update. I still have some sort of bug on my WordPress reader, so I still don’t get access to all your blog updates. I know a fellow blogger have the same problem, but I still don’t have a solution to the problem. Any takers? It’s getting really frustrating.

Today’s lovely lady is June. She works as a mechanic, likes Jack Kerouac and pin stripes.

June. Pencil.