Lost treasures.

Today is a joyful day. The sun is shining, I’ve been able to hang out with friends I’ve missed and I’ve got a package from my good friend and amazing artist Sassa. She even made stamps with my face on them!

Not everyone has their own stamps!

She has been kind enough to get my old drawings from school and posted them to me in the largest envelope I’ve ever seen. Inside there were a lot of old stuff that I’ve completely forgotten about, so opening it was a bit like christmas eve. A lot of them are old school assignments and sketches that I’ve made for paintings, which really got me excited to keep working on them. I thought that I’d show you guys some of drawings I like best, so make sure to check in over the upcoming days. I’m really grateful that Sassa took the time to send this to me, a lot of it is invaluable to me. Tack dollface, du är bäst!❤

Newborn. Pencil and acrylic.