Unfinished business.

I’ve had the most relaxing day in a long time today. I’ve done practically nothing except spending quality time with Boyfriend and started to plan what stays and what goes when I move. This got me thinking about paintings and sketches that I have laying around everywhere that never really got finished. Some of them are pretty bad, some of them are pretty boring, but some of them are quite good, or at least has the potential to be if I continued working on them. Some of them have followed me around the country in my many relocations, and every time I’ve told myself that “someday, I’ll do something with this” or “I should keep it so I can change it and it might come in handy some day”. But they never do. So now I’m thinking that I might throw (?) some of them away and just keep a few, but can you really do that? All the sketches, even the bad ones, carry memories. I usually know exactly how I felt and where I was when I made them and that gets me nostalgic over them.

Therefore, my question to you is: What do you to with your stuff? Do you have a system of sorts? Do you just throw them out, or keep them around for the memories? DO you keep working on them? Or do you do something completely different?

Keep or throw? What to do? Acrylic anno 1999.