More playing around with my new Photoshop tools today. Today I tried the markers, brush marker, wedge tip – and round tip markers. As with the lead tools, they were a bit tricky at first, but after figuring out that opacity layers was my friend, things got better. I often draw with markers when I sketch, so I felt quite comfortable after a while, and was so happy about the fact that these markers don’t soak through the paper and make the illustration blurry. I think that for me, these tools are best used as sketch tools, but very useful ones.

Today’s model is my stunningly beautiful sister. She is one of the most important people in my life and a source of inspiration. She is tough, smart and is not afraid to choose her own path in life. I’m grateful to be her sister and to have my adorable niece. This illustration definitely doesn’t do her justice, but it’s done with love. Jag älskar dig syster yster.❤

Lotta. Photoshop.