Café view.

Today, I’ve taken another step towards starting my business. I went to the unemployment office to apply for financial support. In Sweden you can sometimes get financial help the first 6 months after starting a business so you an have some kind of security. It’s a lot of things to fill out, but I’ll manage.

After getting the application form, I took a cup of coffee by myself. I know that a lot of people have issues about doing that, but I really like it. I like to watch people passing by, to not having to participate in any conversation and just be able to listen to my inner thoughts. A Counting crows live CD was playing, the people around me were casual hipsters and the weather was just cloudy and cool enough to sit outside with a blanket and a hot beverage. All in all: perfect. I just had to capture that moment, where everything was just perfect. Fortunately, I had my sketchbook and some pens with me, so I make a quick sketch of my view. With that, I can hopefully look back to this day when a day comes where I feel uncertain about decisions and life choices and once again feel how right this is for me.

Café view. Markers and ink.