A slow day today. I have a lot of things thrown out there, but I can’t really do anything to affect them, so I decided to take it slow and do things I want to do today.

I decided that I needed to practice my sketching. I haven’t sketched in a while now and I feel pretty bad for not doing it. But anyways, I tried to focus on things that I consider to be weaknesses to see if I can make any progress in that area. Children is definitely one of the things that I consider hard to draw, as they have different proportions than adults but still have unique facial features. It’s a challenge, but it’s always fun to develop your skills.

Today, I chose Vidar as a model. He is one adorable kid, really sweet and his parents are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. They have gone through a lot of stuff over the years, but remains strong and caring. I wish both of them all the best and I’m really excited to meet the new addition to their family when he or she decides to announce his/her presence to the world. Älskar och saknar er J och M!

Vidar. Pencil.