Make good art.

Make good art. Illustrator.

I took the weekend off from internet. Much needed as it slowed me down and helped me reflect on things that matters. It has been pretty hectic lately, maybe not in a matter of having too many tasks to do, but having too many things to think about. Nothing bad, I just needed to sort things a bit.

This Friday I stumbled across Neil Gaiman’s Commencement Speech ad the University of Arts and it affected me a lot. This man has 20 years of experience behind his words, and he is still in touch with what’s really important. This speech is relevant to all of us who works or dreams of working in the arts business and I got so inspired by it that I decided to put the essence on the wall over my desk. Make good art. No matter what. If everything goes straight to hell, your cat gets blown up, the apocalypse is coming and you banged your bit toe on the table: Make. Good. Art.

I spend a lot of my days worrying instead of producing. I think about all the things that could go wrong if I proceed in a certain direction, or if I choose another direction. All the “if”‘s and “but”‘s are always on my mind and I let them lead my life way too often. Neil Gaiman made me realise that all those things are not the important things. The important thing is to make good art. It’s as simple as that. It is not an easy thing to live life according to this, because fear is a strong feeling and it drains our energy, makes us passive and makes us want to hide ourselves and our genius from the rest of the world. But fear is just an emotion. Like love. Hope. Happiness. And emotions can be altered depending on what we make of them.

From now on I will turn to these thoughts every time is doubt myself. I’m in the process to start something big, something real, and it will be scary. But the essence of Gaiman’s words will hopefully give me courage to continue what I’ve started here. And I will make good art.