While I took a break from work and studies yesterday, I started to brainstorm about logos for my new company. After very helpful thoughts from several of you guys, I have decided to name my company Sophia Fredriksson Illustration, short SF Illustration. The reasons why I don’t just choose SF illustration are simple. First, when I googled Sophia Fredriksson Illustration, eight of the ten links on the first page were connected to me and my blog. Second, SF Illustration is short for Sci-Fi illustrations, and I don’t want to get confused with that. But I’m still gonna use SF in my logo, it’s shorter and I have established it through my blog and tumblr already.

So anyways, I started to draw logos. It’s hard but fun. I have decided on a colour palette. I just couldn’t help myself as my lovely BF came home with a new set of Promarkers. I can feel a bit ambiguous regarding pastels, but used sparsely and combined with rich browns and dark reds, it can be very pretty. While I’m on it, I must say that I really recommend Promarkers. They have wounderful colours and blend easily. If you haven’t tried them, you should They cost pretty much, but are worth every penny.

Sketchbook and Promarkers.