What’s in a name?

Yesterday, I once again started to think about the future. I’ve never been to the future, but it sometimes seems like a really scary place, and I want to do everything I can in order to prevent me from going there. Other days I can’t wait to go there, to experience new things and meet new challenges. But yesterday I felt a bit of both. I’ve had plans to really start a serious business for a while now and not just do things sporadically for people, but I have felt that I really don’t know where to start, so I’ve just let it rest in the back of my head. But yesterday I had enough and started the process of brainstorming. I have had a company before, I started my tattoo business when I was 18 and a daredevil, but I really hated it. It was too much of a fuss and I’m not really that good with numbers. Nonetheless, I feel that this is the only way to proceed from this point in my life. I’m planning to start selling prints and originals online and I need to have a company to do that.

So, I started the whole project with the fun but frustrating process of choosing a name for my company. I know there is a lot of bureaucracy that is more important, but I don’t feel that I’m ready to dig into that just yet, so I try to focus on the more inspiring tasks first. But coming up with a name is hard. What to choose? Something fun, like perhaps Sunflower Illustration (because sunflower contains my initials and I like sunflowers)? Something boring but serious, like Sophia Fredriksson Illustration & Design? Perhaps something a bit more pretentious, like Sophyart? I just feel confused and at a loss of what to do. I want it to be easy, to be memorable, but it still has to have some kind of relation to what I’m doing and the type of illustrations that I make.

Guys, I need your help. Name suggestions, recommendations on where I can sell art online and useful tips and tricks on going into business is more than welcome.

A business card I playes around with. Illustrator.