Studying today.  My BA Thesis is giving me a hard time right now and I’m struggling to stay focused and finish it. I don’t know why, but when you’re studying everything becomes dull and boring, even if you’re really interested in the subject per se. I guess it’s the famous wall that you have to climb in order to see what’s on the other side. So that is what I’m working on today (even though I’m also working on a little something for Le Clown ).

To help me stay on top of my game I drink enormous amounts of coffee. I know it’s bad for you but I’m a coffee girl, I can’t help it. Coffee is really fuel to my creativity and I easily drink about 4-8 cups a day when I’m studying. It makes me think really fast, and probably speak really fast as well.

Speaking of coffee, I ran across this fantastic infograph somewhere in the scary outskirts of Internet a while back. I wish I knew who the artist is, but unfortunately I don’t. I just wanted to share a little inspiration with you guys, and push myself in the right direction as well.

Different types of coffee.