Deer Wormwood.

Did you know that I’ve made a video of my work process? Here’s how I make my tote bags for Custom, by Sophy.


This Saturday was small day for humankind, but a great day for me. After months of preparations and work, I have finally opened up my own Etsy shop!  In my shop, you’ll find… Continue reading

Arya Stark.

Just a random post to give the old blog som TLC. I drew a fairly quick portrait of Maisie Williams as Arya Stark tonight and thought I’d share it with the world for… Continue reading

Portfolio Challenge #3. Anticipation

Long time no seen. An irregular update of my portfolio challenge. Anticipation. Ink/Photoshop.

New Blog.

Hiya all! As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been very active here lately. I’ve been in over my ears with studying and working on commissions. My custom shoes have taken up pretty much… Continue reading

The Doctor? Doctor Who?

Since I last posted a pair of custom shoes, the feedback and comments have been massive. Thus, I’ve been busy working on commissions for Whovians who want to have a pair of cool… Continue reading


I’m sorry for being such an infrequent blogger and not living up to my own expectations, but I have had too much studying to do this year. It’s not much I can do… Continue reading

Shoes: Doctor Who vs. Daleks.

Yesterday, I showed you the work in progress on my new pair of sneakers. The response from you guys was both unexpected and very welcomed, so I wanted to show you the finished… Continue reading

WIP: Doctor Shoe.

Spring is here! That means new shoes for Sophy. This season, I’m going for the Doctor theme. Want a pair of your own? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Spongebob Shoepants.

Hiya! Long time, no see. I know I have neglected you guys a long time now, but my school work has really taken up all my time the past month. I had forgotten… Continue reading